The "Repair"  Product Series from MILBON reconstruct severely damaged hair

Repair Shampoo
   -MILBON Restorative Shampoo (200ml)                                                     €19.60

Repair Treatment
   -MILBON Restorative Treatment (200g)                                                     €27.20

Repair Leave-in Treatment
   -MILBON Restorative Blowout Primer Fine Hair (120g)                          €36.20
   -MILBON Blowout Primer Coarse Hair (120g)                                           €36.20

The "Scalp" Series from MILBON works to neutralize and maintain a balanced  & healthy scalp. 

Scalp Shampoo
   -MILBON Purifying Gel Shampoo (200ml)                                                 €19.60

Scalp Treatment
   -MILBON Hydrating Treatment (200g)                                                       €27.20

Scalp Leave-in Moisturizer (120ml)                                                                 €36.20